• SS Hauraki

  • Changi Newspaper
  • Yesterday, the population of Changi went up by 34 They were seamen
    from the Union S.S. Co. of New Zealand vessel, "Hauraki," which was cap-
    tured by two armed Nipponese raiders operating in the Indian Ocean. The
    "Hauraki", with a cargo of flour, spirits, medical supplies, and other
    stores, left Premantle for Colombo on July 4. and, when eight days at sea,
    was intercepted by the Nipponese vessels and the crew was ordered to set
    course for Penang. There they remained for a week on board their vessel
    and they were then brought to Singapore for internment. Most of them are
    New Zealanders and they have been distributed among the various Blocks.
  • The remainder of the ship’s complement of 63, chiefly engineers we under-
    stand, have been told that they are being taken to Japan.
      • VIGNETTES.  One of the new internees had been evacuated from Malaya just
        before the capitulation and, after spending some time in Aus-
        tralia, left for Colombo on the "Hauraki" - only to be cap-
        tured and brought back to Singapore for internment.
      • Mr. G.W.Davis, of D IV, some time ago spent a holiday in New
        Zealand during the course of which he made friends with the
        occupant of the next room to him in his hotel. Yesterday, he
        found that the same man had been allotted to the room next to
        him in Changi Hotel. He had been on the "Hauraki."
      • The new internees bring news that the Nipponese Commander in-
        formed them that they were being brought to Changi prior
        to repatriation - which would take place about the end of

      GREEK WRESTLER. Among the "Hauraki" seamen who arrived on Wednesday was
      Con Ballasis, a Greek wrestler well-known in America and Australia. Train-
      ing seven days a week for four years, he learnt his wresting at the
      Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association in America and later
      turned professional. He has grappled with such wrestling stars as Jim Lon-
      dos. Chief Littlewolf and Tony Martini. In 53 bouts in Australia, he won

      49 and the other four were declared "no contest." There were hopes that the
      Camp would see him in action at the carnival tonight but a suitable arena
      could not be prepared in time. Ballasis says that he may, when he settles
      down, probably start a physical culture class.

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